An International Puzzle Palooza 2025

Get your passports ready, adventurers, we’re once again going International.

Sunday 4th May – Friday 9th May 2025

After the great success of our first international event in April 2024, we’re doing it all again in 2025! With excursions and activities, as well as plenty of exploration time, this one is set to be a fantastic week!

Adventurers on our 2024 International Puzzle Palooza, on an excursion to Lake Bovilla and Gamti Mountain

But this is more than just an adventure. This is an International Puzzle Palooza, and you’ve got to work out where you’re adventuring to! Through clues in the leadup to the event via the website, emails, WhatsApp & mystery packages in the post, you’ll slowly piece together the information you’re given and work out your destination, all the time working with fellow attendees! It’s like a digital scavenger hunt where the prize is a fantastic holiday abroad! And the best part is, you’ll find out where we are jetting off to at the airport!

A few weeks before the adventure, you’ll be given a weather report, as well as an idea of what to pack so that you can be sure to dress accordingly to what you’ll be up to!

Don’t worry if you’re not into puzzles, escape rooms or complex tasks – this isn’t that kinda game. You could book and not read any clues or puzzles, and find out the destination on the day of departure – it’s merely to give you that little bit more of an adventure! Think of it as a Mystery tour to a fantastic destination, with stellar people and exciting activities!

Destination Pointers:

  • The destination will not be a dangerous country and is considered “safe” by Western standards.
  • The destination will not be excessively or extremely hot.
  • There will be no overly strenuous activities assigned (though if you want them, you can definitely book them)!
  • You’ll be adventuring with fellow Solo Adventurers, and will not be alone. There is plenty of free time, however!
  • You will not require a visa.
  • The local currency will be arranged ahead of time via the Adventurer operator, in a capacity that keeps the location a secret! You’ll have the ability to pre-order currency to ensure the best rate possible.

What is included:

  • Return flights from a London-based Airport, leaving on Sunday 4th May 2025 & arriving back Friday 9th May 2025*.
  • Optional Luggage allowance.
  • Scheduled Airport transfers at the destination.
  • A destination-based Solo Adventures souvenir!
  • Any transport to and from an activity.
  • Three activities across the week.
  • Accommodation in a shared property (depending on group size, this may be across multiple properties), with individual / single beds (assignments to be made before departure).
  • International Puzzle Palooza Finale – Be the ultimate Solo Adventurer and secure the top accolade in this live activity during the adventure with a special prize!

What is NOT included:

  • Food & Drink provisions, including meals.
  • Alternative transport to and from the Airport at the destination.
  • Transport to the London based airport.
  • Additional activities that do not form part of the itinerary.
  • Additional luggage (though can be secured for an additional fee).
  • Spending money.
  • Insurance.

How does it work?
It’s nice and easy – you book a ticket below, and your adventure begins! You’ll start to get automatic updates and teasers as to the destination over the coming few weeks and months, via a range of mediums including digital and physical items. You then work with your fellow adventurers to work out where you’re off to by pooling your clues together!

Then, Adventure date arrives and we meet at the airport where it’s revealed where we are heading off to!

I want to join! What do I need?

  • A valid, in date passport with at least six months remaining.
  • Your own transport to and from the London based airport.
  • Spending money.


  • By booking this event, you must provide a passport-accurate name. Changes at a later date will incur the airline standard admin fee.
  • Any transfers must be requested via Solo Adventures directly as this is an international trip.
  • Only ATOL protected suppliers, hosts and companies are used for this itinerary.
  • You must have 6 clear months left on your valid Passport.
  • The more people book onto the event, the more activities we’ll provide (as the overall costs will lower, providing more to play with to make a fantastic event)!
  • Of course, there’s a WhatsApp chat for ticket holders! You will be added when you place your booking!

Tickets: £595 per Person
Scroll down to see the ticket options! These will go live in batches to ensure that the accommodations are filled and assigned on a First Come First Served basis. As each wave sells out, and the event gets closer, the price may rise in line with increased flight and accommodation costs. Book early = pay the lowest cost.

If you pay for the ticket in full, you’ll save £30 versus paying via deposit. The deposit is priced accordingly to secure the cheapest price for the flights & accommodation for those that book early. Remaining balances for deposit payments and dates are indicated at the Point of Sale. You will be sent a link to make the remainder payments at your leisure before the deadline for your specific wave.

This event has a capacity that we cannot increase, to ensure that everyone gets a consistent value for money.

To pay in full, first make the deposit booking and immediately make the remaining balance payment of £345.

You can pay a deposit of £250 to secure your space, with all final balances paid by 1st November 2024.

To make any remaining balances, simply tap on the button above and enter the amount you wish to pay.