Adventurer Expectations

Here at Solo Adventures, we welcome individuals from all walks of life. We’re a community built on the shared love of adventures, friendship and trust. We ask that all members read the Adventurer Expectations below before becoming a member of Solo Adventures.

We reserve the right at our absolute discretion to revoke access to an event should individual behaviour become unacceptable. In line with our Refund Policy, this will not result in a refund under any circumstances.

Adventurers must:

  • Have the upmost respect for all fellow Adventurers.
  • Be kind and respectful to everyone and their ideas.
  • Embrace the wide diversity of the group and it’s members.
  • Create a positive environment for all to enjoy.
  • Listen actively and avoid interrupting others.
  • Build each other up with praise, positivity and kindness.
  • Keep Solo Adventures a safe space for all.

Adventurers must not:

  • Attack fellow members for any reason.
  • Bully, taunt or provoke others.
  • Use language of a threatening, sexual, violent, harmful, racist or discriminatory nature.
  • Share NSFW content in any format. This includes written, photos, videos, memes and any other medium.
  • Start conversations of an adult nature in Solo Adventures group chats.
  • Bring personal grievances and dramas to the group.
  • Try and recruit members to other groups of a similar nature or doing a similar thing.
  • Inform fellow members of personal grievances or problems with others in order to generate hostility towards other members.
  • Tear each other down with harmful words and hate.

If we all stick to these simple expectations, we can continue to grow our fantastic community together.

Remember, Solo Adventures is a community built on integrity, respect, and shared love for adventure. Let’s create unforgettable experiences together by embracing our differences and similarities in this fantastic group.

Please note: These Adventurer Expectations can be updated at any time, so keep checking back regularly.